Preventing Litigation Before It Starts

Do not wait until it is too late. Preventing litigation before it starts can save you a whole lot of time, money and headache. There are some business practices you can implement that may help to avoid or minimize the impact of litigation in the future. See below for some ideas of how to be better equipped to handle issues:

  • Keep good records of both internal and external business transactions
  • Carefully draft written agreements and contracts
  • Develop consistent internal and external business practices and policies
  • Hire an attorney to draft and advise on optimal business formation and entity selection
  • Encourage internal discussion of potential issues
  • Develop a approach for resolving disputes or addressing issues
  • Maintain a good insurance policy
  • Hire an attorney to consult with on agreements, contracts and policies
  • Consult with a lawyer immediately if served with a legal complaint

While this list is not comprehensive, it gives a good overview of practices that every business should consider adopting. We offer consulting services to attorneys and businesses that want to implement some of these practices to avoid litigation or other future legal issues.

Even Careful Businesses May End Up In Litigation

You may do everything right and still face a legal issue or lawsuit. It shouldn't have to mean the end of your company, but you need to protect yourself and your business. When you can't avoid litigation, it is important to consult with an attorney right away to find out how you can protect your business in a legal dispute. Being proactive in facing your issues is the right approach every time.

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